How iSlay My 20s

July 04
Ladies your 20s are your prime; this is the time you can take the most risk on fashion and beauty without people looking at you with the side eye. Below I have listed ten ways to help you stay beautiful on the inside and outside.
1. Drink Water
The essential beauty tip I can give to women of all ages! Water is critical to helping us be our healthiest selves inside and outside. To keep off toxins and waste away, you should drink eight glasses of water every day, add a squeeze of lemon for vitamin C, which will help protect your collagen matrix. If you would like to add flavor to your water, my favorite detox water combos are 1.Strawberries, Lemon, and Basil Leaves 2.Ginger, Cucumbers, Lemons, and Mint leaves 3.Oranges and Blueberries. Here is a link to more tips on understanding how Detox Water helps your overall health and how to get the maximum benefits.
2. Cleanse and Moisturize
In your 20s it is the most natural thing to sleep in makeup, which we know is the fastest way to get pimples, rashes, and other skin problems we hate dealing with. I seem always to neglect a good skin care routine and use soap and water to cleanse (which is one of my improvements of 2018). Studies have shown to reduce aging of your skin is to start early with a skin care regimen that maintains right balance and moisture. The best advice I can give is to do three things. First 1.cleanse with an exfoliating cleanser followed by a 2.toner and then a 3.moisturizer EVERY NIGHT before bed, and please do not forget your neck and back of hands as these are the most common areas women show aging as we grow older.
3. Hair growth
No matter the age we all want our hair to grow fuller and longer. Just like your face, the most important thing to do is to always apply oils to our hair shaft and scalp. Another great oil is heat-protective serum product any time a blow-dryer or other hot tool gets near it. As a professional, my favorite is the Moroccanoil Treatment and Perfect Defense. Also, the best and fastest way to achieve hair growth is to take hair vitamins daily such as hairfinity or themanechoice. One final secret I can give you to attain hair growth is the message your scalp with Jamaican black castor oil weekly.
(Quick tip) After rubbing the oils into your hair take a little extra and rub it into your hands to keep them looking youthful and glowing!
4. Get Your Rest
Here are four benefits to getting your beauty rest: 1. Relaxes and lowers stress which will improve your mood and energy. 2. Helps maintain a healthy weight and body. 3. Improves retention and increases the ability to pay attention. 4. Increased creativity.
I cannot stress to you enough, how important it is to get your beauty rest! Sleep gives our bodies time to recover and rejuvenate. Being rested is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. In your 20s life can sometimes seem non-stop, please remember to slow down and get 7-9 hours of rest. If you cannot understand that rest all at once, try to take naps. You can even take up Zen meditation. It will help you learn how to make a moment out of your busy day to rest your mind from thoughts. Meditation is, in essence, resting without sleeping.
5. Eat Healthily
As you continue to get older, your body is also changing. In your 20s you can get away with eating a lot more of the not so healthy things that you can once you get older. However, eating healthy is one of the essential things you can do to help you stay beautiful on the inside and outside. So make sure you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, try to cut back on carbs and eat lean or organic meats. Just doing these few things will help you manage your weight better and feel like a million dollar baby!
6.No More Towels
Dry your hair with an old T-shirt to keep the moisture in and the frizz out. This little trick will help your hair stay moisturized and will keep the hair cuticle from roughing up and becoming damaged. Whether you are wearing your hair straightened or in its naturally curly state the best way to keep the moisture in and the frizz out is to always dry with a t-shirt. So go to your closet and cut up a few of those old free t-shirts you still have from college or high school! Then turn them into your dedicated shampoo drying clothes.
7.Play with Colors
In your 20s you have the opportunity to be as dramatic as you want without anyone looking at you with the side eye. So I recommend going BOLD. You are young and fabulous so do it! Adding a pop of color with bright hue lipsticks and eyeshadows will help you stand out in a crowd! More impressive than that it will take attention off that ugly blemish on the forehead or cheek. NYX Cosmetics has some of my favorite lipsticks with bright hues, eyeshadows with glitter, contour sticks for your face to take the best selfies! You can even go bold with your hair; a trend right now is colorful hair! If you are afraid to dye your real hair, you should try the color on with a wig, but whatever you do GO FOR IT!
8. Take A Break
Let your skin and hair breath. Take it all off, and let it just hang out. Take the makeup off and the extensions out. Let your body feel nature again. Let your skin feel the sun and your hair blow in the wind. Even if it's for a week, please take a break and love your natural self. Love what is given to you; it is your birthright to enjoy yourself just as you are.
9. Sunscreen Is Your Friend
No matter the season sunscreen is your friend, especially in the summer months when the sun is at it warmest. If you are a human being, you should be using sunscreen period. While it is true the darker your skin, the longer you can stay in the sun and absorb more sun rays than a person with a fair complexion can. It is essential to moisturize your skin every day. The sun can be harsh and cause dryness and irritated skin if not properly moisturized. To help, drink plenty of water and use Sunscreen.
10. Lights and Angels...An essential part to look beautiful in your photos and selfies.
To achieve perfect selfies lighting is essential to get the BEST shot you need to have the correct light. The easiest and best way to do that is to use natural lighting. So find a corner in your home or office that has a huge window and tons of sun shining through! This will make your selfies flawless. Which actually will bring me to the next point; To get the best selfie, you need to angle the camera and your face like a pro. The best and easiest way is to hold your hands up at a high angle. Use a selfie stick for best results and if taking with a group of friends!
Peace and Love Until the Next Beauti Blog...

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