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How much hair do I need?

For a full sew-in or traditional sew-in, we recommend 3-4 bundles of hair. If you are buying 16 inches or shorter, you may only need two bundles, depending on the desired fullness of the hair extensions.

How long does it last?

The longevity of your collection solely depends on your daily care and maintenance; with proper care, the same premium collection can last 1-3 years.

What kind of maintenance is involved with this hair?

iSlay provides a carefully curated regimen to make sure you manage your hair with the best quality; The extension is pre-washed, but it doesn't hurt to wash extensions before installation. For weft securing, use a weft sealer and ask your stylist to sew around the track. Please wash and moisturize extensions as needed. iSlay is 100% raw textured human hair, so maintenance is not the same as your natural hair but is still required. Please avoid ALCOHOL BASED PRODUCTS as they will dry out your extensions.

What size are the wigs?

All wigs offered are one size fits most.

How is the hair measured?

Our hair product is measured in inches and specified in the product listing. Depending on which collection you order, you may need to stretch hair out of curl pattern to show the exact length. For the curly/waved looks, the hair shrinks in length 10%-45% depending on which collection you choose and how tight the curls are.

How long does it take to arrive?

Please refer to our shipping policy.

Can I color this hair?

You can undoubtedly color our collections! Our tresses are 100% virgin hair extensions and can be treated like your natural hair, and dyed to any color of any shade! We recommend that you talk to a professional stylist to achieve the color you desire. Please note that when hair is dyed, it does break the bond in the hair shaft, which could cause more shedding and may impact the longevity and softness of the collection.

Do you offer wholesale?

Currently, we do offer wholesale pricing. Let us help you become the plug! Let us know what’s up on our Contact Us page and we will send you back prices.

Does the hair shed?

Our collections are designed not to shed. They are double-weft for quality; however, any hair extension may begin to shed if the tracked area is broken, or if there are excessive heat, oils, and/ or combing of the extensions. We recommend using a weft sealer to seal your extension wefts and a heat protector before you use any heating tools. 

Can I take it out, and wear it again later?

Of course, that is the purpose! It indeed is a collection; you can wear one style (Kinky) store it for later, and switch up to straight hair for the next season!